No, Trigona doesn’t actually have a magical hula hoop that changes her outfit. This is just the glue dimension.

Next time: actual damn flashbacks!

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  1. the1truesushiboy

    The glue dimension is one of the best parts of this comic.

  2. Zinaida

    Glue Dimension fucking rocks.

  3. Mute

    Her hair gave birth to a scootsie.

    • canyouguesswhoIam?

      I thought I was the only one who noticed that

      • -{Hrec}-

        You thought wrong, _______ _____*

        *I know who you are but I’ve concealed your identity via leaving a Big blank where you’re name should be.

    • damousies

      Well now we know where bootsies come from. Queenie’s magical-glue-dimension-hair-puff

    • Kyatt

      That’s Bootsie’s curse – if you kill one, like Queenie did with her flashback projector, it respawns as a Bootsie-sized chunk of your own hair.

      No, wait, Bootsie’s curse is just shyness.

      • -{Hrec}-

        Yes, you’ve got it all mixed up, the hair thing is MY curse not Scootsie’s!

  4. Lego K-9

    I just noticed that HLC chanedon their pjs.

    • Kyatt

      Yeah, they match however HLC looks at the time. If you ever happen to meet HLC while wearing his pajamas, put a hat on him and see what happens.

      • Lego K-9

        I wonder how the flashback will affect this…

  5. Mastercodex

    This beeserker is trying so hard to be anime

  6. Lego K-9

    *Changed on

  7. Mirby

    How is it that Trigona Ambrose Default Attire was a more entertaining transformation sequence than Pajama Attire?

    • Kyatt

      Because if Trigona is going to sleep, she’s too tired to go through that entire Sailor Moon sequence just to change. Just a simple backflip through a hula hoop and she’s ready for bed.

  8. BMunro

    Someone needs to open a door or a window before permanent brain damage sets in.

    (For Scootsie, Trigona, and her mother’s sake, anyway: if being torn in half doesn’t phase the Science Guys, I doubt a few toxic chemicals will cause long-term injury)

    • Kyatt

      Don’t worry – even though these glue comics have lasted for a month, only 10 or 15 minutes have elapsed.

  9. Dusty Muffinsss

    My mom kept saying that to me too :c

  10. MDude

    Yes, this is the optimum solution, as it also means we’ll technically be looking at Beezerker the entire flashback.

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