Over the years, in conjunction with the good people at Sugar Rockets, I made some games based on Beeserker. You can play them in-browser by clicking the below links!

Beeserker: The Videogame! – Play as Trigona Ambrose as she collects enough bees to power up Beeserker to go on a Canadian rampage to keep a game based on Beeserker from being made.

Scienceman Twins – A two-player arcade style endless climb to the top of the Sciencemen’s lab. It features about a dozen playable characters from other webcomics, too!

Super Cast Page! – Beeserker’s cast page is also a game! Explore the Sciencemen’s lab in this tiny, cryptic Metroidvania adventure with six playable characters. (To begin the game, click the cast menu to focus on it, then press the 7 key.)

You might also enjoy these tech demos I made (or if you’re turned off by the term “tech demo”, think of them as really easy and buggy games that take place in tiny levels).

Beeserker: The Tech Demo – A tech demo made between the development of Beeserker: The Videogame! and Scienceman Twins, in which I experimented with powerups and Bootsie behavior.

Scienceman Twins 3D Tech Demo – Another tech demo I made where you can move in faux-3d space and shoot at or jump on a bunch of raccoons! Play as the Sciencemen, Trigona, the Snuhbee, or me!

Bee Fighter 2 Minus One – I wanted to see if I could make a 2D fighting game engine using HaxeFlixel. The answer was a resounding “kinda”. Try to do a Wrench-doken!