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I’m not going to tag Beeserker in these flashback strips, even though they technically are displaying on its orange back. I’m also not compensating distortion-wise for the fact that the projection is being displayed on a spherical surface such as Beeserker’s orange back, rather than the conventional flat screen.

Essentially, refrain from thinking about the Beeserker’s orange spherical back.

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  1. the1truesushiboy

    Defining Words Using Personal Anecdotes is an elective I’d take in a heartbeat.

    • Mirby

      DWUPA. dwoo-puh.

      Sounds good.

      Now just don’t start Defining Words Using Silly Nonsensical Anecdotes. That’s DWUSNA (dwoo-snuh)

      and we all know what happens when SNUH happens.

  2. Mastercodex

    Nice to know that an allergic sting on the lips lasts forever

    -starts looking around paranoid all the time-

  3. ColdFusion

    lips deserve secret origins too
    i wonder if you can project something in a way that accounts for spherical distortion…

    • Kyatt

      I just remembered that Photoshop has a filter for that, so I tested it out. I think I’m going to continue not using it.

      • Mirby

        I kinda like how that looks… XD

      • grue

        Yeah I’m for it too actually. Also, young flashback-in-flashback HLC is even more adorable than present-day-by-way-of-flashback HLC.

      • MDude

        Either the image being projected out of her eyes projection is itself distorted to compensate or, because it’s all a hallucination, we’re just not hallucinating the distortion.

        • ColdFusion

          Actually that’s what I meant
          like if the projection itself is designed to look flat when projected onto a round surface

        • Zeig

          Or because Beeserker’s back is so big spherical distortion is minimal.

  4. DSBair

    Inb4 extensive chains of flashbacks within other flashbacks.

  5. thecupcat

    flashback in a flashback where is this story going

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