Light Screen

Pardon the lateness and traumatizing events of today’s comic. Bootsie’s going to be just fine… as fine as a ghost hallucination can be, at least.

Anyway, enough about dead ghosts. This week, Andrew Gregoire, creator of the hilarious and occasionally NSFW comic I Am Arg, drew this great piece of Trigona fanart. Glad to see that people are embracing the new color in the Beeserker palette.

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  1. The Code Crimson

    I’m glad you said Bootie was gonna be ok, cos I literally said “Nooo!” really loud like Captain Kirk…

  2. Method T

    I don’t know, I’m still not sold on ghosts hating light.

    I think we need a second opinion, preferably from from our Cheerful Little Horse-friend..

  3. Mr.Tophat

    Could we start a tradition of scootsie as the new Nigel thornberry in regards to creepy face-swaps?

  4. Mastercodex

    He’ll just come back when you aren’t looking, it’s all good.

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