AKA: Yellow
One of the co-creators of the Beeserker. The two cloned geniuses are nearly identical in every way, and are distinguishable only by the color of their eyes and science jackets, bandage layering, and occasionally by the robot-inflicted bodily harm that they wear as harsh reminders of how building a robot powered by bees is a bad idea. Luckily, they heal rather quickly, usually within a couple of strips’ time.
AKA: Orange
The other clone responsible for the creation of the Beeserker. Both are very short-sighted, selfish, and often argue with one another, as if they share a singular brain, and the only way that they can process thought is by shouting at one another. The two are rarely separated (except on occasion by the Beeserker’s clamp-like hands).
A stray cat taken in by the Sciencemen in order to improve morale and provide a last line of defense between them and the Beeserker. Scootsie’s demeanor can best be described as comatose, and the only motion he’s capable of is a slight furling of his brow when annoyed (usually by other creatures that vaguely look like cats). He doesn’t respond well to bee stings.
Trigona Ambrose
AKA: Beegirl
The green-haired beekeeper who supplies the Beeserker with a constant supply of bees. She’s a remnant of a forgotten time when one’s name pretty much determined their occupation. As such, she harbors a certain level or resentment towards bees, which explains her gratuitous flamethrower use and eagerness to send them off to slowly have their life essence drained by a giant robot.
An experimental bee-fueled robot created by the Sciencemen. Its hobbies include drawing with crayons, smoking, and performing deceptively non-permanent acts of violence upon its creators. Due to a critical design flaw, it has trouble fully containing all of the bees it’s given, and is usually surrounded by an aura of seven bees that got free. It also has very selective hearing.
The BeeThing
Forms from left to right: Snuh-Bee, Scoots-bee, Ominous Cocoon, Beeckonging Scootsie
Formed from a bee sting that fell off the side of Scootsie’s body, the BeeThing (as it is called in post tags) is a mysterious cat/bee hybrid monster that, in its Beeckoning Scootsie form, has incredible psychic powers, including astral projection. All of its forms are bonded by the fact that they constantly utter “snuh” noises.
Handsome Lil’ Centaur
Handsome Lil’ Centaur is a beloved cigarette mascot who is keen on the Beeserker. Little is known about him, since he was only introduced a few strips ago (or more than that, if I once again can’t be arsed to update this cast page for a while).