I’ve drawn Beeserker tearing open one of the Sciencemen’s torsoes and eating its organs one by one, but that last panel may still be one of the most visually unsettling ones I’ve ever made in this comic.

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  1. Dante_Lare

    Kyatt, nothing will ever be more disturbing than this comic

    • Levi

      I have found a new profile picture

      • medsal15

        Wait a second, are there 5 or 6 eyes?

      • Dante_Lare

        What have I done?!

    • Connorses

      Huh, strangely, I don’t remember seeing that one. Perhaps I blocked it from my memory! Neat!

  2. Red_Peace

    That’s kind of funny, I found that Trigona picture I made when redecorating my room.

  3. Macumazahn

    I’m glad to know the priorities are clear.

  4. TheEighthShade

    I don’t think mouths work that way in panel two, unless she has no cheeks.

    • Levi

      If a salve can do that to a scooter, then mouths can work that way.

    • ColdFusion

      eh if you do ‘sidemouth’ you get people yelling at you.

  5. ColdFusion

    No reason to worry. There’s no tan gents in this comic, only pale ones.

  6. McFrugal

    But it’s not alive?

    • Connorses

      shhhh we were waiting to mention this until the next comic.

  7. Dante_Lare

    I sense that we will finally know what Bear blood does to HLC soon.

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