For those of you reading this on the day it’s posted, I’m going to do another stream on Twitch this afternoon. I’m not sure what I’ll be streaming yet – maybe it’ll be random doodles, maybe it’ll be working on my upcoming game Fist’s Elimination Tower, maybe I’ll finally make a new avatar where I don’t have that beard I got rid of over a month ago. Keep an eye on my Twitter account for more details about when it is and what I’m doing.

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  1. Quetzalrofl

    I wonder if he has a salve for when his horse-heart gets stabbed.

    • TheEighthShade

      It would be the same, actually, he would get turned into a man-man, since the human part would be alive, and it turns something half man, half that thing. So it would be half man, half man.

  2. ColdFusion

    silly beargirl, the parts are always in proportion

    the question is how the DNA stacks up. if one species has like 10 times the chromosomes of the other, does it dominate? do you end up with an anime style just ‘i have slight jelly-ness to me because my dad was a jellyfish but otherwise i look human’ situation?

  3. Red_peace

    Chibi teddi a cute.

  4. Dante_Lare

    They haven’t noticed the latest monstrosity

    • MDude

      Guess they must have figured that if it doens’t work on hats it can’t work on scooters. Unfortunatley, they failed to take account for the fact that magic stuff sometimes counts combustion engines as a form of metabolism, and thus alive.

      • TheEighthShade

        They forgot about the floor! The earth breathes! It breaatthhhhssss!!!

        • Kyatt

          The castle is salve-proof, kinda like how its door is bear-proof.

          • Dante_Lare

            Which wasn’t very bearproof in the end, so MANCASTLE

  5. Levi

    If it got on a normal man would it create a man-taur?

    • Kyatt

      I’m not sure what it’d do to a normal man, but here’s what it did to the Sciencemen.

      • Levi

        Looking back on those oldish comics, I wouldn’t be surprised if HLC was some old experiment that the Sciencemen forgot about.

  6. TheEighthShade

    Kyatt, I absolutely need a chibi of every single character.

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