I thought that this was how 2013 was gonna end for Beeserker, but it turns out that the next update is on the 31st.

Guess I’m gonna have to somehow top this one on Tuesday.

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  1. Mirby

    Well then.

  2. Drillgorg

    A peek into the monstrous origin of the science men? I seriously hope that is literally where and how they were born.

    • pie-ro

      I hope so to,and there better be MOAR backstory for that,cuz from all that watching of gravity falls,I make theories about everything that is’nt explained

    • pie-ro

      I just now noticed that the sience-woman had sience-men fir teeth

      • Red_peace

        I think I understand what’s going on in that second panel.

  3. Red_Peace

    The next update is on my birthday.
    Also panel 2 is fucking horrifying.
    you should make a horror series kyatt.

  4. Tigt


  5. Ascension

    Neon Genesis Sciencemen

    • Kyatt

      I was thinking more “Bee-on Genesis Evangelion”.

  6. Enfield

    clipboard scienceman in the background: “Well, this looks horrifying…” *checks item off list*

    • pie-ro

      it looks mentally disturbing *checks another item off list*

  7. jack

    Is that green stuff blood like it was in the early days of this comic?

    • Kyatt

      It’s whatever you think is the most terrifying – blood, drool, ectoplasm, you name it.

      • Mirby

        All of the above?

        • Kyatt

          It’s kinda like how you never know what exactly is flowing through all those pipes in the Scienceman lab.

          Maybe it’s the same stuff.

          • Mirby

            Unspecified Anonymous Liquid then, gotcha.

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