Wake Me Up

I made some more progress on Fist’s Elimination Tower this week. Namely, I added random hats to the randomly generated characters – and where I add hats, I’m bound to add Beeserker references.


I also added a headband, which, while not Beeserker-related, is pretty neat.


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  1. Quetzalrofl

    So this still doesn’t count as a Beeserkest appearance?

    • Cirom

      This arguably counts more as a clone of HLC rather than Beeserkest.

    • Kyatt

      When I’m unsure of what to tag a character as, I default to nothing.

  2. Macumazahn

    It’s a pretty neat bandana, it’s true.

  3. Dante_Lare

    Why are the science-men fused together? What shenanigans have we missed?

    • Kyatt

      They do that whenever I run out of space in the comic. I really should’ve made the panels a different size.

  4. ColdFusion

    oh daaamn it’s a centaurcycle. things are afoot and somewhat awheel.

  5. MDude

    But how long was Beeserker asleep, since all the way back when he caught Queenie or earlier?

    Also, not enough skeleton rocking chairs for this comic title. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eqOsE8HRZJQ

  6. Connorses

    SO does this mean the scooter was alive? Does it have a soul because it used to be Beeserkest and it was given consciousness? Why does it still count as alive after being taker apart and made into fuel efficient personal transportation?!

    Oh wait I just realized I’m overthinking this.

  7. Red_Peace

    I still request that you make a short horror series.

    • Kyatt

      I can’t stay serious long enough to do horror. Probably even short horror.

      • Dante_Lare

        Silly horror

        • Quetzalrofl

          Scary horror is overrated and overdone, honestly

      • Connorses

        Use the concept of a horror plot but remove the horror:
        There’s a small cast of people, some kind of recurring villain with a vague origin story whom actively hunts down the cast, and a general sense of dread when you get to the end of the movie and there’s a plot twist where the villain isn’t actually defeated.

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