Those of you with Retina/4k displays may notice that this site looks a lot sharper this week. I didn’t realize it until I got one myself, but beeserker dot com didn’t look too nice when blown up 200%. That’s why I spent a good chunk of this weekend upscaling the menus and nav buttons up there, as well as doubling the resolution of all the strips from Chapter 12. Ideally, I’ll go back and do the others, but that may take a while.

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  1. Dante_Lare

    See, nightmare fuel

  2. Dante_Lare

    and Kyatt thank you for all these wonderful Avatars that appear in your comic

    • Kyatt

      That’s the other reason I upped the comic’s resolution – now any minute detail of it can be an avatar!

  3. Quetzalrofl

    oh my god we’re about to get a Reverse Tetsuo

  4. Macumazahn

    And kids, that’s why you always have to wear helmet, lest you transform in a horrible mistake of nature.

  5. Ashborn


  6. ColdFusion

    oh hey, good job guy. that was a lot of work but it was a cool thing to do.

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