Yesterday marked the sixth anniversary of Beeserker! A big thanks to everybody who’s been a fan the whole time, and a similarly large thanks to all of you who joined in recently and read through six years of back strips to get to this point.

Since last update, I uploaded March’s Patreon wallpaper, which is a celebration of the anniversary. It’s available as a high-res download to everybody who’s pledging $1 or more to the Beeserker Patreon. I’ll also remind you that pledging $1+ also gets you all the past bonus wallpapers, which is quite a few now.


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  1. ColdFusion

    Happy Beeserksary!
    Oh pewp. I can’t not hear that in the frenchman’s voice from sealab 2021.

  2. Red_Peace

    Oh robot god! you were right, you really did stop using alt-text.

    • Sander

      Sad day, the one he said he wouldn’t use ’em no more.

  3. Cirom

    Does.. does the salve even WORK on metal? It shouldn’t, right?

    • Dante_Lare

      Neither should a giant space bee named Snuh who’s origin confuses me greatly.

  4. Macumazahn

    Congratulations on those six years of comic!
    By the way, I’m sure that salve ain’t gonna do nothing weird.

  5. Dante_Lare

    prepare for nightmare fuel

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