Side Effects

Of all the things the Sciencemen have accidentally exposed themselves to, this salve may just be the worst.

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  1. Tim

    Handsome Little Sciencetaur?

  2. Ironpumpkin

    Ya know, I usually don’t buy posters or shirts having to do with webcomics, but I would get one of each if they had that third panel printed on them.

  3. the1truesushiboy

    I actually kinda’ like the idea that one of the sciencemen gets to have hair…

  4. ColdFusion

    working on axe cop rules here
    oh crap what, his head is growing hands. that is the opposite of a good thing to have

  5. Mastercodex

    I’m surprised that science men are shown having blood on them that isn’t theirs

    • Kyatt

      To be fair, it’s only a salve that contains HLC’s blood. It’s 90% blood tops.

  6. Lego K-9

    I feel that if the border of the comic was black, it would pop out more.

  7. damousies

    Orange seems severely left out right now 🙁

  8. knite

    This has got to be the most messed up thing in this comic (until the next page that is)

  9. This guy

    Third panel-

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