For the last few strips, I’ve been using some shadows sparingly. I hope that none of you think that occasionally doubling the palette will fundamentally alter the comic.

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  1. Red_peace

    Aw man hlc’s arms are back.

  2. knite

    And we’re already starting to see the side effects~

  3. grue

    At this point of his metamorphosis, HLC’s looking a little Lovecraftian here. I approve.

  4. Mastercodex

    Handsome lil’ science men?

    • damousies

      Handsome lil’ science men!

  5. Mirby

    The question is…

    Does Scootsie remember all this?

    If Scootsie could talk, would he tell the Sciencemen the warning?

    Does Scootsie even care?

    okay that was three questions BUT STILL

  6. Miskatonic

    Gah! I started reading your comic two days ago and now I’m all caught up. I need moar! Because moar!
    In all seriousness, your comic is fantastic. Few webcomics can grab my attention the way yours has. Kudos!

  7. Tyler

    Trigona, you silly! People that are nuts don’t know they’re nuts! So I can’t be nuts, right? Right?! RIGHT?!!!

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