The Fixer

Alternate alt text: “There can be only one! But there’s some leeway when it comes to Sciencemen.”

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  1. Mirby

    Yay! Beeserker recovered from running out of fuel!

    Guess the bees flew back into him when the salve was retrieved.

    • Kyatt

      Yeah, I was going to do a couple of strips about the now-powerless Beeserker, but everybody turning into HLC kinda got in the way of that.

  2. Mastercodex

    But what about being immune to science?

    • Kyatt

      It’s not so much an immunity as it is an ability to snap back to normalcy on a moment’s notice.

  3. Dozen

    Ain’t science. Alchemy.

  4. damousies

    If his head gets ripped off, will it grow into a handsome lil’ sciencemantaur. And the other scienceman will grow his head back?

  5. Lego K-9

    Bees… household objects…OK.
    Alt. Alt text. lol.

  6. ColdFusion

    but with hands on your head you could hold a hat tightly to your head in the STRONGEST OF WINDS
    and then have a hat-staying-on contest

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