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As I mentioned last update, I got a new computer this weekend. I’m excited, not only because my other computer was nearing 7 years old and died on me twice, but because this one is powerful enough that I can stream stuff. Perhaps making Beeserker strips, doodling random stuff, or working on my upcoming game Fist’s Elimination Tower – Twitch is a lot more lenient about what you can broadcast there now.

Anyway, I’ll be broadcasting on This evening and/or Wednesday evening at around 6pm EST, I’ll be drawing March’s Patreon wallpaper. Also, check out my Tumblr page – since I’m drawing more, I actually have things I can post there, including some sketches from a test stream I did this weekend.

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  1. Connorses

    So you can use Twitch to stream artwork now? That’s pretty cool. I should see if my computer is up to it.

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