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As mentioned earlier this week on Beeserker’s Facebook page, I got an idea for some new merchandise. Essentially, they’re clip-on wings that you can attach to the back of your boots or shoes that’ll instantly make you look like a member of the Ambrose family. I made a prototype, as seen below, out of some cardstock and a pen. Something you might be interested in?


In the meantime, if you’re looking for Beeserker merch that’s half as strange and twice as existent, click here!

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  1. Red_peace

    Handsome little psychic?

    • Tyler


      • Kyatt

        Don’t worry, I’m pretty sure that HLC is content just selling horrible cigarettes to robots who can’t tell the difference and getting half-killed as infrequently as possible. He lives a simple, blissful life in that regard.

  2. ColdFusion

    I find whenever my imagination is broken ALL i can think of is elephants

  3. Mirby

    the fact that the elephant’s ear sticks out of the frame makes it that much more hilarious

  4. Mastercodex

    Panel 3 = His science body grew blood faster then he was used to, meaning he isn’t getting ripped in half as often as need be

    • Kyatt

      It’s just been so long since I’ve drawn a closeup where one of the characters had pink skin. I assure you, there’s nothing wrong with his science blood (nothing more than usual, at least).

  5. grue

    I take it that the actual bootwings would be made of something more resilient than cardstock, but still, I can only see an accessory like this getting dirty and trampled within minutes of putting it on.
    So as this one reader, no, I wouldn’t be interested in those. Cute though.

    • Connors

      Actually if they’re behind your feet and you’re not backing into walls and things they’d probably be just fine. You know until you walked down some stairs.

  6. grue

    I sure would be interested in a Beeserker book, however. Got any plans for one?

    • Kyatt

      Eventually. I definitely have enough strips to fill a book, but I’m not sure if I have enough readers to print color books at a cost-effective quantity yet.

  7. Dusty Muffinsss

    Dark sorceries are so broken :I

  8. damousies

    First time I’ve seen beeserker counter-act violence

    • Connors

      IT’S TRUE!

      • Kyatt

        Beeserker still feels kinda guilty for indirectly half-killing HLC, and doesn’t want further bad things to happen to him.

  9. Connors

    Except I can just make one with card-stock and a pen.

  10. This guy

    Its even better if you ignore the first panel

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