Yep, Handsome Lil’ Centaur’s back. All I can say is, if you wanted a comic where death was permanent, you should’ve picked one where two of the main characters don’t constantly get ripped in half.

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  1. Dozen

    It’s both nice and odd to see the sciencemen care for Scootsie’s health. Though avoiding cancerous growths that turn into bee monsters might be a factor here…

  2. W

    Yaaay, he’s back!

  3. Zackaman

    scootsie needs a friend, maybe a whole chapter should be focused on scootsie & his friend

  4. Red_Peace

    Scootsie’s second emotion always seem to fit the situation when something happens. heh.

    • Kyatt

      It’s not magic – I just put Scootsie in situations that would make him angry.

      Sorry, Scootsie.

  5. ColdFusion

    such a relief. HLC was my second favorite.

  6. damousies

    If they let the robot smoke, and they hang out with a centaur, why won’t the science men let Scootsie smoke? They obviously didn’t care when a giant bee monster grew out of him…

    • Kyatt

      It’s more that they didn’t want that cigarette of dubious origins in Scootsie’s mouth. As I’ve shown, they’re more than capable of handling bizarre growths.

  7. Mastercodex

    Second guess, surprised I got it at all.

  8. knite

    Wait a minute, he doesn’t have his hairband on, so why’s his hair not like a certain green haired person’s?

    • Kyatt

      HLC’s flowing regal locks were damaged in that explosion, and that’s something that not even salve can fix.

  9. Urbanopolitan

    The elder Ambroses look absolutely ECSTATIC about HLC’s return…

    • Mik S.

      This has clearly happened more than once.

    • Kyatt

      Queenie’s not exactly a “put your fists in the air and yell ‘YAY!’ in four different colors” kind of person.

      • the1truesushiboy

        Then you might have too many tails on the speech balloon for it.

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