Wrong Warp

I really regret giving Robot God that fancy text (or at least not making a font of it).

Sorry about the lateness – I’ve been busy with a whole bunch of things this week, including a game I made for Strawberry Jam, a February-long game jam where people make horny games. Being kinda stressed about out about the whole FET Greenlight thing (and how few votes it’s getting), I decided to take a short break from that game, let my hair down, and make a quick little brawler about a lady who wears nothing but snakes and fights by whipping the aforementioned snakes at others. Anyway, you can download Sneks Fiend here.

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  1. Quetzalrofl

    Oh snap we’re in for some deep Beeserker lore!

  2. Dante Lare

    So would the short version be 16 fpmnth or16 fpmh

    • Serena Arsene

      I think the proper way to put it would be 6.088*10^(-6) fps, give or take a little depending on the month.

  3. ColdFusion

    Hahaha, that’s meta as hell in the best way
    I’m definitely gonna play that game… just as soon as I need a break from Zelda-ing.. yeah.

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