Fist’s Interruption Tower

Whoever built this tower didn’t do a very good job…

Anyway, as the strip mentioned, I put my new game up on Steam Greenlight, and am hoping to get it in before it closes its doors and I maybe have to pay $5000 to get it into Steam. Click here to vote for Fist’s Elimination Tower. Also, check out the new trailer for it below!

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  1. Dante Lare

    So we know how & who programmed the tower.

  2. Red_peace

    Hello new waifu!

  3. ColdFusion

    I’m hearing a lot about this lately. I didn’t realize Steam made you pay to have your game hosted there.. are you telling me all those people who just slapped together a stolen-assets game paid money for it? Or did they actually get greenlit.

    • Dante Lare

      payment will only happen the when Steam Direct is launched, but until then, no charge

  4. Dante Lare

    The VA for Allison could be peppier & more bloodthirsty.

    • Connorses

      She does feel kind of underwhelming for an announcer on a game show.

  5. grue

    I asked all my friends on Steam to vote for this, ’cause you are a good boy and I enjoy the games you make very much.

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