Last Tuesday’s strip currently has the 3rd most comments of any Beeserker strip, right behind 2013’s Halloween strip and that one where everybody was trying to figure out all the secrets in the cast page. Apparently HLC’s daughter is a hit!

Here’s a little trivia about Chelsea – she was originally going to be the antagonist in Super Beeserker, the followup to Beeserker: The Videogame!. When I created her two and a half years ago, her name was also HLC, except it stood for Hellion Lady Centaur. While this incarnation of her is less evil (and has shorter hair), her name is just as confusing.

One last thing – October’s Patreon wallpaper went up this week, and features – you guessed it – the character I’ve been talking about all blog post, Chelsea. In case you were wondering how she manages to wrap those ribbons on her forearms, here’s how. This is 100% canon. If you pledge $1 or more, you can download the high-res version of this wallpaper, as well as all the other ones. I think it’s around a dozen now.