*BONUS PANEL* (there you go, A Person…)

For the record, Trigona’s not upset, she’s just really getting into character.

I hope you all have a very Beeserker Halloween. I don’t even necessarily mean dressing up like its characters – try carving a jagged orange smile into a pumpkin and filling it with bees, print out and wear this Scootsie mask I made a while back, or simply hand out bees to all the neighborhood trick-or-treaters! Just have fun out there.

In other news, I’ve been in the shop lately making some more wooden coasters. In addition to the classic Scootsie coasters, there are now Sciencemen coasters and Trigona coasters! You can get the whole set of four at a discounted price here at my store, and if you buy it by Halloween (see? this IS relevant to the strip), I’ll throw in a pack of Bootsie buttons for free.