Pardon the hatching – I’m trying out another new brush, and I’m just seeing what kind of lines it can make.

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  1. Mirby

    I like how they’re out of the hallucination but still in their pajamas.

  2. the1truesushiboy

    Eeeh… Not a fan of this brush… :/

  3. Jason Poland

    What’s that on the horizon? Do I spy the skyscrapers of Royal Jellytown?

  4. Mastercodex

    Why does he look so old, I heard the beekeeping business did WONDERS for ones skin.

    • Kyatt

      It’s the bowtie – bowties instantly add ten years.

  5. ColdFusion

    This time I actually did notice a brush difference
    it’s a lot more scruffly and loose looking.. which really suits the hung-overness of it all

  6. Human being.

    Dang, he lost about 99% of his coolness when he got that bowtie. That’s not supposed to be how those things work. :

    • ColdFusion

      it’s cuz it’s all frowny. Frowny bow ties are uncool. they have to be bright and crisp and turgid.

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