Don’t worry – as usual, the Sciencemen will be fully healed by the next strip.

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  1. Roto13

    I’m going to start telling people to slow their rolls.

  2. Jety Lefr

    awwwwwww φ∩φ

  3. Doctor Doc

    Does that bandage really help with emotional wounds?

  4. Method T

    I just realized, third panel, Trigona has a speck of orange in her hair.

    Looks like the HLC Pajama Cigarettes are spreading, best way to advertise smokes, as far as I’m concerned.

  5. Mr.Tophat

    It’s okay Scienceman; time heals all wounds. At the rate of exactly one strip per wound.

  6. Mastercodex

    Can you give us an example of how old sounding is voice is?
    Is it crotchety old man?
    Easily confused old man?
    Or mystery flavor?

  7. Red_peace

    I just caught up with this comic. It’s amazing.

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