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Previously, on Beeserker…

In case the strip wasn’t obvious enough, the new Beeserker coasters are now available individually at the Beeserker store. Don’t consider it protection for your table, consider it an opportunity to awkwardly explain why there’s an angry bandaged man surrounded by bees underneath your guest’s beverage.

And with this, I’ll now shut up about wooden coasters… for now. The story resumes (and chapter 10 begins) on Tuesday.

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  1. LoganN64

    I now demand a Beeserker mug! but instead of actul cut-outs maybe make it clear, or just indented. and maybe have the logo on the opposite side.

    • Durvin

      Maybe just a “#1 MAN” mug?

    • MDude

      It could also have a second layer of mug on the inside, with fins on it for cooling. It’d be an anti-insulating mug for when you want something to cool down to an edible temperature extra fast.

  2. Red_peace

    Trigona’s always so cute!

  3. Jety Lefr

    I would like a mug like that.

  4. Mik S.

    Beeserker: The Mug!

    Caution, contents may be hot and spilly.

  5. Zinaida

    You like your coffee folk-metal..?

  6. maycroft

    glad to see I’m not the only one that went to the store and didn’t find the mug.

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