The Beam

Not to spoil anything, but I would describe that beam more disastrous than deadly. See ya Saturday!

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  1. korblborp

    dat face in panel 2 ().()… that’s more horrific than the neck thing.

  2. Red_Peace

    I don’t know what’s worse, that pun or orange’s mouth.

  3. GreatContagion

    Orange in panel 2 looks like a certain back-alley doctor. Heartily approved.

    • Kyatt

      I really didn’t mean for the 2nd panel to look like anyone, although after I drew it, I thought it kinda resembled Sam from Sam and Max, except white and without ears.

  4. Janus

    The drumstick in the first panel looks like beeserker. :I

    • Jety Lefr

      Don’t give the sciencemen unnatural ideas now… that’s not going to be pretty for anyone.

  5. NeonJ

    .. Am I the only one who doesn’t find Panel 2 disturbing?

    • littlebeast

      I didn’t… then I looked at it again and what is going on with the top half of his face.

      Also I love Yellow’s expression in the following panel(s).

  6. ColdFusion

    best pun since shallow gravy

  7. Thisguy

    The laser beam CLEARLY isn’t full of shit.
    I can guess who is though.

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