Double Jeopardy

In case you haven’t heard about it from every social media site I’m on, or the blog post right below this one, I’m working on an update for my game Scienceman Twins that will be available to play on April 1st. Check out the Twinblog for more news and information.

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  1. Ironpumpkin

    April first you say? Suspicious…

  2. Red_peace

    Are you going to do an extra comic on the first like you did last year? Also are you caught up on kill la kill yet?

    • Kyatt

      There’s going to be a comic on April 1st, but since that date falls on a Tuesday this year, I can’t really call it “extra”. And yes, I’m all caught up – I kinda have to be, since Tumblr is getting to be impeccably good at spoiling new episodes within hours of airing.

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