Talking To Cyborgs

If “smart as a scooter” doesn’t catch on as a phrase, I will be personally offended.

I have some more news about my upcoming game, Fist’s Elimination Tower that you may enjoy – last week I revealed more Beeserker content for it! In addition to occasional appearances by characters as contestants, there will be an unlockable tower skin that makes it look like the Sciencemen’s Lab. They’re not in the screenshots yet, but there will totally be pipes in the background.

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  1. S.M.

    I’m not sure what to make of that implication. Did he apply salve to a regular horse and call it his daughter? And worse, is this really the first time Chelsea is hearing about this?

  2. Soren

    Chelsea’s origins are revealed. Is that how all centaurs are made? Is that canon?
    P.S. Smart as a scooter=GOLD

  3. mnmega

    There might be more implications to this than what’s obvious – who’s to say someone didn’t make HLC?

    • Quetzalrofl

      Would restoring Chelsea require a different salve formula if SHE gets stabbed in her human heart? Whose genetic material was used to create the “half-man, half-that-thing” salve in the first place?

  4. Dante_Lare

    So even Chelsea didn’t know how she was made

    • Kyatt

      That could also be a normal reaction to HLC’s tendency to tell embarrassing childhood stories.

  5. Macumazahn

    Aaah good times.

  6. ColdFusion

    whoa what? I’ll be a son of a salve, I didn’t see that coming.

  7. Anonymous

    I now want to see baby Chelsea.

  8. Red=Peace

    That just raises more questions.

  9. Dranorter

    I wonder if she’s half horse? She’s shorter and she has that fluffy tail; he might have applied the salve to a dog, or an anatomically creative toy pony.

    • Betrayer

      Chelsea is actually taller than HLC.

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