It’s Complicated

It’s easier than going back and flipping all the strips that cyborg has appeared in.

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  1. leviteakettle

    HLC is pretty much HLC’s brother

    • Enfield

      HLC is HLC’s half-clone sibling, HLC’s murderer, and HLC’s uncle, whereas HLC is HLC’s daughter and HLC’s niece. Finally, HLC is HLC’s victim, HLC’s dad, and by clone logic, HLC’s father too. Which makes things start to look like a redneck family tree.

      • Soren

        I spent too long figuring this out.

  2. mnmega

    Whew, at least they didn’t combine.

  3. leviteakettle

    Did HLC change his hair?

    • Connorses


    • Kyatt

      Yeah, it’s a little floofier this time. It tends to change every time I draw it lately.

  4. Macumazahn

    It must be weird now that he mentions it.

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