Sudden Scooter

Depending on whether or not FedEx comes tomorrow, this may be the last Beeserker strip I make on this computer – the one I’ve made every one on so far. It’s held up well considering I’ve had it for over six years, but it takes forever to do stuff sometimes, this partition died twice so far, and it’s not powerful enough for me to stream while drawing.

Oh yeah, once this new computer comes in, I’m totally gonna start streaming drawings and/or comics.

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  1. Roto13

    This here is Scootsie’s Pizzaaaaa
    Makers of the world’s best eats-aaaaa
    Fresh sauce and cheese galooooore
    Brought straight to your front dooooor

    • ColdFusion

      Here she comes,
      here comes Scoot Racer
      she’s a demon on wheels
      She’s a demon and she probably doesn’t have a license

  2. Macumazahn

    I don’t know, I think he knows what he’s doing.

  3. Dante_Lare

    Extreme Scootsie. looks like he’s from Paper Mario in panel 3

  4. Dante_Lare

    *Gasp* Chelsea isn’t in the Super Cast Page

  5. ColdFusion

    yay for new computers!
    HLC’s sportin’ a slightly different hairstyle today it seems. Yes I noticed!

    • Dante_Lare

      Well he was flipped in the air by a scooter cat

  6. Teh_Bucket

    Never ask HLC about the tragic rhoomba accident.

  7. Joke Ruiner Reloaded

    Its a samurai pizza cat! Minus the samurai…. and the pizza…. but its a cat!

    • Joke Ruiner Reloaded

      Also congrats on the new computer! Share the specs for us nerdsicles?

  8. Dustinvgmaster

    I like how this one doesn’t have alt text. Your commitment to the joke is commendable.

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