Seven Times Two

I just got back from MAGFest, and had a great time. I demoed Fist’s Elimination Tower in the indie showcase, and it went pretty well. I even met a couple of Beeserker fans (and hopefully some soon-to-be fans who picked up one of my business cards and are visiting the site right now).

Between developing a game and just buying a new house, things are pretty busy in my life, hence the lack of updates. But Beeserker shall go on! The new chapter begins 2 weeks from now…

…drat, I could’ve just said “as many days later as the chapter it is.”

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  1. ColdFusion

    oh man, new chapter countdown! every day we’ll open a door and get a new honey-themed candy..
    or someone else can just do a guest comic because cmon guys it’s fun

  2. Dante Lare

    The day before my birthday

  3. Arbutus

    One little bee lost his halo…

  4. Connorses

    2 days after Necrodancer Amplified.

  5. Techkhalifa

    new chapter already countdown, can’t wait it

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