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Not even the chapter announcer is safe from Beeserker’s defectiveness!

I’m having some issues with ComicPress’ chapter structure issue (it keeps renaming my comic tags instead of making a new post category), so my already messed up archive system is a little moreso for now. Please stand by.

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  1. Red_Peace

    Spoiler: The website is run by beeserker itself.

    • Soren

      So then if Kyatt is Beeserker, then who are the Sciencemen? DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUUUN.

      • Quetzalrofl

        I think they mean Beeserker is being used as a server.

        • Connorses


          • Connorses

            No wait that makes Kyatt the Sciencemen…but Kyatt is only one person, unless… Beeserker has two authors!

            I’ve got you now, Kyatt! Nothing escapes me!

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