Sanctuary Again

Fun fact: a while back, I was considering giving Trigona a southern accent, since her last name is Ambrose. I was reminded of it, because it kinda fits with her dialogue today. Go give it a try up there!

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  1. Mirby

    Wow, who knew Beeserker’s hearing was that good? XD

  2. Red_Peace

    Adding the southern accent would just make trigona more attractive.

    Do you really wanna go down that road?

    ….Because I would.

  3. ColdFusion

    somewhere far away, a pun is being made
    this robot won’t miss out

  4. damousies

    Beeserker can hear through beegirl’s antenna apparently…

    • Lego K-9

      Trigona IS a more advanced Beeserker, then! She can communicate with other Beeserkers! … I am so sorry.

  5. Dusty Muffinsss

    This has less to do with Beezerkers radio frequencies, and more to do with their mother-son bonding. I think.

  6. grue

    Really, if one were to distill the entirety of Beeserker into four panels, it would be this strip.
    Also, I always parsed “science men” as one word, not two. Sciencemen.

    • Kyatt

      It actually is supposed to be one word; HLC just doesn’t know that.

  7. thecupcat

    one arc could be about beeserker changing LIFO to a FIFO structure

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