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Recently, I’ve been messing around with replacing the black in the comic with a really dark blue. Do you like it? Did you notice?

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  1. Red_peace

    Aw beeserker’s bee batteries are low.

  2. Moriarty

    It’s better with black in my opinion.

    • Swagner

      I hadn’t really been able to tell what it was, but the comic had seemed sorta washed-out (color-wise) to me lately. I prefer the contrast that the black gave.

  3. grue

    Aww, Beeserker looks so pitiful in the second panel. I just want to give him a hug…
    As he’d hopefully be unable to kill me in his weakened state.

    • Kyatt

      Beeserker wouldn’t be able to pick you up, but it could still black out and just fall on you.

  4. Mastercodex

    Queenies eyes in the first panel makes it seem like she wasn’t too sure about this.

  5. Lego K-9

    I KNEW the last comic looked drabber.

  6. Lego K-9

    A battery made of bees. Hmmm…

    • Kyatt

      I meant an electric battery – bee battery technology won’t be practical for another ten years at least!

  7. Llama118

    It’s subtle, but I like it. The lines feel just a tiny bit softer, so they blend better with the other colors. I say keep it for another week and see if you like it as well

  8. damousies

    I didn’t notice the blue at first since my screen has been at an awkward and hard to adjust angle for like a month but when it was pointed out I tilted my head and it looks good :3

  9. Dana

    I like the blue because it makes the comic a bit softer, but the black makes everything crisp and helps it stand out.
    Like in ‘Mourning’, you used black for the majority of the comic but then switched to the blue. Really liked that, I can’t exactly place why though, haha.

    Doctormen are so cute!

  10. ColdFusion

    I did notice
    actually i don’t like it.. it makes it all look smoky and hazy..

  11. Connors

    This new color scheme is sexy.

  12. Ductape

    The black made it feel sharper, however the blue gives it a more mellow feel. That being said, I’m unsure which i prefer.

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