Run Away

I really like how the colors in the first frame turned out. Maybe I should just do a story arc where they’re all outside having a nice picnic or something.

Anyway, I had a few Beeserker-related MS Paint requests recently, including one from somebody asking what that salved-up Scienceman would’ve looked like in its final form. You can check them out here and here.

Also, I made a blog post this week about some of my future con appearances/visits. Check it out below, or on the main page, or really deep into the blog archives, depending on when you’re reading this.

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  1. Llama118

    I’d bee interested in an outdoorsy story arc! hI’ve really enjoyed the scenery you’ve drawn thus far.

  2. Pigyman

    I think I’m going to need a wallpaper of that first panel.

  3. Mastercodex

    I’m still surprised that Sciencemen go outside, considering the sunlight would scorch their albino pale skin

  4. Zackaman

    do a story arc about one of the sciencemen taking control of scootsie

  5. Connors

    It looks like the scienceman in panel 1 has a cool hat and it’s awesome.

  6. Wha

    what happened to double scienceman?

  7. ColdFusion

    picnic adventure! usually bees show up unwanted at a picnic, so that’s a great way to get more bees for beeserker.. though they’d be untamed stray bees.

  8. Alex

    I just finished reading this whole series in one go…. I feel so empty now 🙁

  9. thecupcat


  10. Mirby

    “Maybe I should just do a story arc where they’re all outside having a nice picnic or something.”

    I’m glad you’re actually doing this. 😀

    • Kyatt

      Haha, I forgot that I said that until just now.

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