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If all of those commercials didn’t blow the Sciencemen’s cover, distributing a bunch of Christmas cards with a picture of their giant bee-powered robot most certainly will. (See? I’m able to somewhat tie in this gratuitous holiday filler strip into the current storyline somehow… kinda.)

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  1. Flanwaw

    Does this rule apply to flies? They would have a lot of flies.

  2. anon

    *cough* BeThing bell in panel 1*cough*

  3. anon

    will the snow covered omnipipes in panel 1 rust them like you wish?

  4. Epamy

    But… but what about the racoons?

    • Kyatt

      Raccoons die during the winter (or hibernate – I always mix up the two).

  5. ColdFusion

    awoo Trigona’s never looked cuter.
    I like how the card leaves thumb-room for a left-handed reader.

    • nightmarepumpkin

      idk i think D. Cameron did a good job in his comic

  6. Jety Lefr

    snow in pipes is a nice touch.

    Knowing the science-men as little as I do, they probably tore the roof of of their laboratory to do it.
    Hmmm… now that I think about it, does the laboratory have multiple levels or is it just one on ground level?
    Attic? Basement? Upstairs? Giant Tower!?

    • nightmarepumpkin

      that is an excellent question that i would luv to know the answer too

    • Kyatt

      I always just pictured the lab as a large metal barn with a bunch of machines and pipes along the walls… and a bedroom and pink bathroom in the back, I suppose.

  7. nightmarepumpkin

    scootsies it the tree lol
    and i think robot would look a bit more cheery seeing as this is a day of joy and the festivities of soul eating, dragon narfing, elevator music playing, alphabetizing the words disasters, you know joy?

  8. the1truesushiboy

    The sciencemen are elves, I guess?

    • Kyatt

      Yeah, I sort of half-assed their Christmas outfits.

  9. kazoo

    heh. scootstree.

  10. deepdarkhana

    I thought the BeeBell was a poo at first and was very disappointed in HLC’s lack of control XD

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