Again, I have no idea how a robot powered by bees would work; more specifically, I didn’t know how the robot used the bees. In some of the Beeserker’s earlier iterations, it was constantly emitting smoke, as if the bees were shoved into some sort of furnace inside the robot like they were coal. For the sake of the comic, just assume that having bees in the general proximity of the Beeserker is enough to power it. It’ll save us both a lot of thought.

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  1. bman (The Underfold)

    Okay, okay. I’ve been reading through the archives, and this one, so far, made me laugh the most. Well played sir.

  2. Dknight

    Kinetic energy all the way!!

  3. thecupcat

    I’ll never think of bees the same way.

  4. Some Guy

    A bee-powered robot I’m down with. What I don’t understand is how one makes stockings out of bee skins.

    • squirreling around

      and also slitting there little throats

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