You may asking, why would a beekeeper would dress like that? I would then respond, at least she’s wearing goggles.

Safety first.

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  1. Mark

    Where did their arms go? Where did they go!!!

    Great strip! Really enjoying this!

  2. Broseph

    I see what you did there in the first panel.

  3. Matanui3

    >Sciencemen and Trigona: Retrieve arms.

    • Anon

      LOL I get this now

    • Jack

      They’ve already got arms.

  4. Dis

    Stripey bee colored knee socks?
    I’m in love.

  5. Matanui3

    Coming back from the future, I still say Trigona looks better with the goggles.

  6. SnuhSnuh

    The alt text is great.

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