If all goes according to plan, Beeserkest will be activated soon. Of course, what are the odds of something going according to plan?

In other news, a while back, I made a guest comic for Robbie and Bobby. A shorter while back, a book was printed of it. An even shorter while back, author Jason Poland was kind enough to send me a copy, as well as a veritable care package of other R&B stuff, including a previous book of some of the older strips (which can easily fit in a small purse or a large pocket), a hand-drawn Bobby sticker, and some buttons (which came in a Disney princesses Ziploc bag).
Book and stuff.
The book looks great, and the comics have whimsy out the ass (120+ pages worth of it). Plus, that guest comic I made is in it, making this the first time that I’ve been published on something that isn’t newsprint, which is pretty cool. You can buy the book here, and for a few dollars more, you can also get the aforementioned tinybook and an original sketch, such as this awesome one that came in mine.

Break dancing!

P.S.: That Robbie button is neat, but my Beeserker button could totally kick its ass.
Robot buttons.