What, did you think I named her Queenie just because she wears a tiara-shaped hairband?

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  1. Mr.Tophat


  2. Brian Russell

    Haha. That last panel is great.

  3. ColdFusion

    Back n’ Borders!

  4. Red_Peace

    ooh, I wonder what they mean by it happened again?

    • Mastercodex

      This is why you don’t try to hold a barbeque next to the beehouse.

      • MDude

        You’d think all the smoke would keep the bees calm, though.

  5. TheChaotic1

    Back and Forth!

  6. Ironpumpkin

    Queenie appears to have a stinger in her left palm?

    • Kyatt

      That’s her cigarette holder. The tip of it just never shows up in any of these panels.

  7. A Person

    It’s about damn time HLC joined back.

  8. Method T

    Oh look at how happy HLC looks, you can see his expression is filled with Equine bliss, the moment that he rejoined his old friends. I mean, that sparkle in his eyes is just about enough to bring a man to tears.

  9. knite

    I’ll assume mama’s gonna use the bees to fix HLC. And does this mean the scientists get a refund?

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