Misplaced Modifier

Orange picking away at his beard is sort of based on my experience at New York Comic Con this year – on the way back from it, I was getting tired of having my fake Demoman beard on, and started pulling chunks of it off, but not having a mirror handy, I had missed a lot of it. Turns out I had walked several blocks through Brooklyn in a red jumpsuit with the mangiest scraps of crappy fake hair on my face. It’s ironic that I entered the city for the first time kinda terrified of it, only to have possibly terrified some other poor soul that night.

It was sort of fun, though.

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  1. the1truesushiboy

    Hee. I love this guy.

  2. 478anon

    I just finished an archive binge, and I must say that this is possibly my new favorite webcomic. Well done!

    Handsome Lil’ Centaur is interesting enough to be a regular character.

  3. Kyatt

    Thanks! I was just thinking – if you don’t count the Snuhbee’s different forms, it’s been about a year since I added a new character to the comic, so this was about due.

  4. anon

    Hey people! Trigona is the largest genus of stingless bees!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Jety Lefr

    I get it!

  6. nightmarepumpkin

    so horrid
    but the assassin turbo platypus cake tells me i must buy them. or burn

    • Ravenous Fan

      Wait….Did I miss something?

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