Guest Comic by Nathan J.

Today’s glitchy guest comic is courtesy of Nathan, who doesn’t have a comic, but he does have a DeviantArt page you can visit.

This is the end of Guest Week Part I: The Week That Lasted 8 Days. Thanks for the submissions – if you sent me a comic and haven’t seen it here yet, I’m probably saving it for January’s Guest Week Part II: Kyatt Goes To Magfest Again.

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  1. Nick

    I’m amazed it took you this long to make a “buzzed” joke.

  2. ColdFusion

    ahhh the suspense!!
    at the same time, getting to go second is all the better.
    now I want a warm cup of bees.

    • Kyatt

      Indeed – for the record, ColdFusion’s guest comic is the Beeserker equivalent of that monolith from 2001 (in that it’s tall, though it might also make monkeys go insane… we’ll find that out in 2 months).

  3. Mastercodex

    The most interesting beeserker in the world

  4. Arthur

    This comic put a smile on my face that I can’t wipe off.

  5. Recoherent

    Is this a reference to that song by Living Tombstone or someone about a cup of BEES, BEES, BEES, BEES!

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