Queenie Ambrose

Trigona’s mom also has green speech bubbles, which may make it hard to figure out who is talking. One way to figure it out is to follow which character the bubble is pointing toward.

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  1. Adam

    or you could make the text a little different for her mom. 😛

  2. ColdFusion

    lol just like a normal comic
    i love the sort of tunic-with-bloomers look there.

  3. Whisker

    Does the heel count as a stripe? Or is she evil? Also, an idea is to keep the color of the text bubble and change the letter’s color.

  4. damousies

    If HLC’s cigarettes are so awful, why does Trigona’s mom use them. (http://www.beeserker.com/comics/misplaced-modifier/)

    • ColdFusion

      My guess is she uses HLC brand cig holders but puts cheap off-brand cigs in ’em.


        Or she is Trigonas’ Robot-Mom from the future, which is a far more reasonable explanation.

  5. A Person

    Man, what is this family’s obsession with bear-headed flamethrowers?! Bears don’t even breath fire!

    • Kyatt

      Exactly! They’re IMPROVING the bears!

  6. gravy

    i always wondered why the little word bubbles had tails

  7. Mastercodex

    Oh the story is back on track.
    Is there a place where I can buy ursanators or is it mail order?

    • Kyatt

      You have to build one yourself, though if you want a shortcut, you could always just buy a bear and a normal flamethrower.

  8. Drillgorg

    Trigona’s mom: also a robot.

  9. the1truesushiboy

    Initially, I misread “silence” as “science”.

  10. Red_Peace

    trigona’s mom is pretty too.

  11. Joke Ruiner Reloaded

    She has Kamina Glasses.

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