Cut Sew

You can’t make constant alterations to your outfit like Trigona did in the first year or so without having a lot of fabric lying around! (BTW, the title is totally a reference to the patternmaking company I do illustrations for.)

Again, sorry about how late this week’s comic is – updates are going to be a lot more sporadic until Fist’s Elimination Tower comes out, which should be in another month or so.

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  1. Highmax

    I… I don’t even know how they got to the lab so fast…

    • Kyatt

      They’re using the Ambrose ship as a temporary lab.

  2. Quetzalrofl

    re: the second panel
    I mean, I know why, but

    • grue

      B, because it’s funny?

    • ColdFusion

      “Hey look, look, Orange does a great impression of me!”
      “Oh I do not. I mean, not exactly.. just my tongue..”

  3. Red_Peace

    Hm…Trigona looks more blue than usual.

    • Dante Lare

      That is because that is robo Trigona, who has yet to be built

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