Heaven’s Gate

Sorry about the lack of updates this month. As I mentioned, I’ve been working on a bunch of games lately; Fist’s Elimination Tower is coming soon, I had to put a prototype together for a statewide game dev challenge, and this weekend, I took part in two game jams…

…I mean, I made one game that combined both themes, but that doesn’t sound as impressive. Ludum Dare 38‘s theme was “a small world”, and our local BGSjam9‘s theme was “single button input”, so I made a game about the technology that made the world smaller through the pressing of a single button – the telegraph!

The game’s called Go Morse Go!, you and up to 3 friends play as a squad of cheerleading bunnies connected via telegraph. Download it for free here!

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  1. grue

    Really, if the comic had ended forever on “The Buzzin’ Dozen!” I would have accepted it as a complete work.
    Go Morse Go! was cute, thanks for sharing it with us.

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