I got my Switch last week, so if anybody wants to be Switch buddies with me (or essentially at this point, let me know when they’re playing Zelda), my friend code is SW-3159-0036-1428.

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  1. S.M.

    Wow, a return to the “Trigona is actually a sophisticated model of Beeserker sent back in time to ensure its own creation” theory. Haven’t we received too much Trigona backstory for this to be plausible anymore?

    • Dante Lare

      Or they build it for another reason that is even more insane than that.

  2. Quetzalrofl

    I am nervous for reasons I cannot articulate

  3. Soren


  4. Dante Lare

    Wait, do we even know if the sciencemen build it, or a rival scientist from the 400 years in the past to destroy the sciencemen.

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