Does it count as a sprite comic if you made the game the sprites are from? I hope not.

By the way, you have eight more days to send a guest comic for Beeserker. I’ve already received a few, but mine is a hunger that will never be sated. Send me some comics!

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  1. the1truesushiboy

    Never see Scootsie move??? What about here?

    • Kyatt

      By “move” I mean “move on his own”, though I’m pretty sure I broke that rule once or twice also.

      • the1truesushiboy

        Twice, in ‘convoy’ and ‘not for cats’, plus that one bonus Christmas one with all the flying Scootsies.

        I’ll take any excuse to reread Beeserker.

  2. damousies

    Scootsie should just grow (him?)self some FUNCTIONING legs and walk the heck around like the sciencemen and beegirl

    • Mirby

      but then he wouldn’t scoot everywhere, and he’d be more like walksie.

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