Fellow webcomickers and other artistic sorts of people – have you ever read Beeserker and thought to yourself “Hey, it sure would be fun to draw a sequence of pictures of these characters accompanied by text!”? I hope that your answer was “yes”, because I am currently looking for Beeserker guest strips to post at a later, busier date. Just a few guidelines:

  • Strips must be 900 pixels wide, but the height is up to you.
  • All colors are allowed, not just the 11 I always use (though if you want to use them, here they are).
  • Do try to keep the strips somewhat work-safe (ie: no f-bombs or suddenly making the Sciencemen anatomically correct).

Send your guest comics to kyattsuai ~at~ gmail ~dot~ com, along with whatever name you’d like me to credit you as and a link to your comic or site or whatever. The deadline is October 24th – three weeks from today.