Remember Beeserkest? It’s back, in scooter form!

Now if you don’t mind, this took forever to draw, and I’ve been anticipating trying out Mighty Switch Force Academy the whole damn time, so I’m gonna go do that.

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  1. Red_Peace

    I’ve been reading this comic for a couple of years now and I still have no clue how scootsie gets around.

    • Dante_Lare

      No one does

      • Kyatt

        Yeah, seven years later and I’m still stumped.

        • Mirby

          Obviously he creates small wormholes that allow him to warp from place to place.

          Except for the times when he rolls around like tumbleweed.

  2. Malacath

    He scoots! clearly…

  3. Dante_Lare

    Let’s try & come up with names for the motorcycle, pretty sure mine will suck! The Zerkest-cycle, The Beezerbike. Motor-Zerker.

    • Failquail


    • Levi

      I can see Scootsie is on it. Maybe the the Scootser

      • Red_Peace


        • Connorses


          • kurin

            ^you win the internet, congrats.

    • Ashborn


  4. Levi

    Better than captain Americas AND batmans

  5. CC

    please tell me it talks

  6. ColdFusion


  7. Bropocalypse

    I really appreciate that Teddi and Trigona have different body types

  8. Eye yee

    What is it with ‘Moshi Moshi’

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