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Hello! Are you reading this because the comic told you to? In that case…

Click here to play Beeserker The Videogame!

The game takes place in an alternate timeline to this one, wherein the crew is hardly as enthusiastic about a Beeserker game being released, because it’s some kind of Mahjong ripoff. Anyway, in THIS timeline, Beeserker the Videogame is a retro-inspired 2D platformer. I made all the graphics for it, and Jamie Love and everyone at Sugar Rockets did a hell of a job at coding the game, especially considering how this is their (and my) first game. Also, a special shout-out is due to Friends of E, who composed the game’s awesome soundtrack, which you can listen to and/or buy on FoE’s Bandcamp page.

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  1. Llama118

    In the epic battle of Link versus Pig, the only real winner is Beeserker the Videogame
    (which was super, btw)

  2. Nekohime

    I love the comic it is funny.. The game was good could be a bit longer for sequel also make sure to include beeserker rip apart move. Also upgrades would be good or power ups. the boss could have phases or just more attacks, i like not having to worry about lives, and acid/water on the second level was kinda hard to tell the first time.
    i hardest time with the second level with trigona it took me a few tries because i kept getting jump timing wrong. the 2 gunner enemies on the the 3rd level are a bit of a pain to get rid off.

    the controls are responsive. the platforming is fun the art style and little cut scenes are amusing and the soundtrack is good. Not sure if the science guys were supposed to talk or just background or the purpose of the random centaur smokes and Beeserker can’t dance. it is a great game overall. i would recommend everyone play it once or more if they have the time.

  3. sanjiro

    I have to admit, the music for the game was good, the style was fun, I loved everything about it and look forward to another some time, the team is awarded all of the internets, enjoy =^__^=

  4. the1truesushiboy

    Loved the game!

  5. Mal

    Wooo, that game was awesome x3 took me awhile to get it, but It was great when I finally finished it.

  6. Raptor

    You forgot to add the centaur beards in the game. You promised.

    • Kyatt

      Oops – we were kinda limited in terms of character customization. We’ll definitely have them in Super Beeserker.

  7. WalooWaloo

    That was a superb plat former for being almost out of nowhere. Definitely cannot where for Super Beeserker and more collectin’!

  8. Arthur

    Wow I am really digging that Beeserker NES pixelated box art. Any chance we could get a bigger (ie massive) cover image? Please?

    • Kyatt

      Sorry, I don’t have massive, but I do have significantly larger. Hope that’ll suffice.

      • Arthur

        Totally radical, I love it! Thanks a bunch!

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