The bees, in case you were wondering, aren’t showing up around the robot because the Scootsipede absorbed them all.

Anyway, Jamie Love, head of Gamesugar (that site I write for and link to via the Pacman sugarcube up there) tweeted a rather interesting picture today. What could it possibly mean? Oh wait, the text accompanying it denotes exactly what it means…

In less coy news, I’m in the process of increasing the size of this site, since it’s apparently 2012, people don’t use 800×600 resolution monitors, and I’m safe to up the width of the comic from 750 pixels to 900. I’ll go back through and increase the size of the past strips accordingly; I’m currently done with all of 2012’s.

Finally, I added a new piece of fanart to the stuff page, courtesy of Sargon The First, who actually drew a veritable gallery full of it you can see here.